CEGROBB is the official mouthpiece of European beverages wholesalers

CEGROBB is the official mouthpiece of European beverages wholesalers to Community institutions and to European organizations of related associations. Furthermore, CEGROBB offers European beverages wholesalers a platform for information exchange and the preparation of reactions on European developments.

The official seat of CEGROBB is in Brussels.


Statements on actual issues are worked out in CEGROBB's General Assembly. These statements are the bases for the promotion of the collective interests of CEGROBB's members. The presidency of CEGROBB changes every four years. CEGROBB's current president is Michel Haelterman, Managing Director HLS (Horeca Logistic Services).  HLS is one of the most important independant beverages wholesaler in Belgium’. The secretary-general is Christiaan Hamminga, general secretary of GDH, the Dutch Federation of beverage wholesalers.


Focussing points

CEGROBB has the following focus points:

  • alcohol (and regulation)
  • taxes and excise
  • competition
  • deposit money

Customers and assortment

The customers of CEGROBB members are the hotel and catering industry and, in some countries, beverage retailers. The most important product for beverage wholesalers is (keg) beer. Other products are soft drinks, bottled waters, wines and distilled drinks.