About our organisation

Promoting a sustainable and competitive market for European beverage wholesalers.

CEGROBB is the Alliance of European Drink Distributor Associations

CEGROBB represents European beverage wholesalers as their official representative, aiming to promote fair pricing mechanisms, favorable legal frameworks, and customer protection measures. We engage in various advocacy efforts such as participating in industry forums, collaborating with stakeholders, and enhancing their brand reputation through public relations activities.

Focussing points

  • Alcohol and regulation
  • Competition
  • Taxes and excise
  • Deposit money

Our Association seeks to create a sustainable and competitive market that benefits all stakeholders, including customers and the wider European community. CEGROBB emphasizes the significance of the role of beverage wholesalers in intercommunity trade to the European Commission, and supports the current European competition policy. As an Association we believe that wholesalers play a crucial role in addressing the negative impacts of industrial concentration.

Michel Haelterman



Rafael Perez Rivero



Pascal Homberger

General Secretary


How to become a member of CEGROBB

We offer our members a strong and active network for exchange on a European level.
Reach out to us, if you want to know more how to become a member.

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